Quality Construction

Welcome to Oaks Construction Limited

Oaks Construction Limited offers state of the art, innovative and technologically advanced workmanship in construction. It was originally established as OAKS WOODWORKS DESIGNERS AND BUILDING CONTRACTORS in the year 2002, as a sole proprietorship and registered with the ministry of Roads & Public Works in the year 2008. Due to outstanding and professional works the director(s) incorporated the company under the company's act (Cap 486) 2009.

Our objective is to provide quality services to our clients efficiently, and to their satisfaction. In order to ensure this, we have a team of qualified and experienced staff who are committed to meeting the needs of our clients.

We are well equipped in terms of plant, machinery as well as autoContact us mated management.

Our vision is to turn architectural inspiration into reality, much faster and cost effectively, making housing affordable even to the low class, here in Kenya and the whole African continent.

Our Mission is to provide quality, innovative and efficient work, helping our clients to minimize construction risks and maximize construction opportunities in a multicultural business environment at competitive price.

Delivery of outstanding results in a record time of all our assignments.


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